A better way to take stats

Having access to volleyball game statistics is extremely valuable for player development and game strategy.  However, volleyball is a fast paced sport and keeping stats real time can be complicated while also detracting  from the value  and enjoyment of actually watching the game.  VolleyView remedies this with an easy to use system that incorporates a simple, intuitive event capture interface and an offline statistics engine to calculate metrics.  

Thanks to this new approach to recording stats, you can capture all of the valuable data from the game while still being able to watch it.

Easy to Use Interface

The VolleyView Event Recorder is a smart tool that uses an extremely innovative and intuitive interface to capture events. With the simple touch or press of a button, key events can be captured and recorded for analysis later.  

  • Capture events such as Attacks, Digs, Receptions, Serves, Blocks and Passes 
  • Record Pass Quality, Errors, Kills, Aces,  and Opponent Errors 
  • Easily manage player substitutions and assign events to specific players 


Extensive design effort was put into the controls layout and functionality to ensure an easy to use interface capable of capturing all of the important game data easily and efficiently.  With so few buttons to worry about, stat taking has never been easier.


Detailed Analysis

Analysis of events is calculated quickly and easily with the VolleyView Stats Engine.  Detailed metrics on Serving, Attacking, Blocking, Receiving, Digging and Passing are calculated from the events that were captured during the game.  Data can be aggregated by match, game, rotation, and player.  



Sync to Video (coming soon)


As events are captured in the log, they are timestamped.  This means that they can be synchronized with game video footage to easily navigate to particular events from the log using the VolleyView Video Analysis tool.  For example, filter the log to view only Service Aces, only Receive Erros or only Attacks by a particular player.  This powerful capability allows for the easy creation of clips for training, recruiting and accelerated viewing.